Welcome to neo.mx3!

neo.mx3 is the new platform for Switzerland’s contemporary and improvised music. The website, developed by SRG, was officially launched on June 21, 2019 at the “Fête de la musique” in Geneva.


As pilot project for the whole of Switzerland, neo.mx3 comprehensively portrays the Swiss contemporary music scene in sound, image and video. Neo.mx3 explores composition, improvisation, transdisciplinary, performative or multimedia formats from the four language regions and parts of the country as well as from abroad, united in all their variety.


The aim of the site is direct exchange and flow of information between musicians and SRG broadcasters (SRF, RTS, RTR, RSI), organisers, festivals and music conservatories and accademies, researchers as well as other disciplines and all those interested in contemporary music in Switzerland and abroad.


The platform works in a collaborative way and is free of charge:

SRG makes high quality music recordings – that have so far mostly been slumbering in the archives  – publicly accessible on neo.mx3. Swiss musicians and composers present their works on their personal profile pages through audio files, videos and visuals and point to future projects and new material. Organisers and festivals get the opportunity to inform interested parties about upcoming concerts, conferences and events in general in a nationwide event calendar.

We look forward to discover your works and projects on neo.mx3: please register and create your personal profile!

As editor of neo.mx3, I will have the pleasure to regularly inform you regarding important events, world premieres, concert series, debates and symposia, new releases, theoretical questions and competitions in this blog. Contributions by various authors reflect the scene’s diversit, refering to large and small “new music” projects, be they hosted in the sub-scene or at well-known venues, in Switzerland or abroad, in form of interviews with composers, performers and directors or other contributions, in French, German or Italian – as well as in English.


Let us surprise you by revealing the many facets of contemporary Swiss music-making!


neo.mx3 is constantly being developed and we look forward to your suggestions and ideas in this regard.


Further regional launches will take place in due time, after both services and partner contacts have been strengthened


I look forward to your interest, comments and suggestions, and to a lively discussion in general.


Wishing you the best of browsing experience and discoveries,


Gabrielle Weber, editor / curator neo.mx3




  • Barbara Gysi / SRF
  • Alexandre Barrelet / RTS
  • Flavio Tuor / RTR
  • Christian Gillardi / RSI
  • Lislot Frei, Darina Frandsen, SRG/SSR

SRG affiliated music editors & SRG-Uploads:

  • Peter Bürli, Florian Hauser, Norbert Graf, Ursula Siegenthaler, SRF
  • Anne Gillot, Thibaut Maillard, RTS
  • Flavio Tuor, RTR
  • Valentina Bensi, RSI


  • Samuel Vuillermoz, Head of mx3
  • Matt Zschokke, Translations
  • Dimiter Petrov, Alexis Bernard, Developers neo.mx3